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Why upgrade your label applicators?

No matter what industry you are in you need a complete label solution. One that helps you deliver on time and on budget. Slow applicators won’t just make you inefficient, they hurt your bottom line. Partner with Advantage Label and upgrade your label application systems today.
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Line Boss® Label Applicator

See why Greenhouse Growers around the Country choose the Line Boss® label applicators over the competition! Line Boss® is the most versatile In Line label applicator on the market. It quickly adapts while providing un matched control and versatility.

  • Labor costs are Drastically Reduced
  • Designed with the Grower in Mind
  • Transition between label sizes, lines, pots and trays with ease
  • Top Hold Down Drive Belt makes labeling lightweight containers no problem
  • Tech Support Team on staff for Installation, Set up, Training, as well as Ongoing support.
Line Boss
line boss logo

360a Series Label Applicator

For those looking for an all-purpose solution for your needs, the 360a Series Label Applicator is the evolution of the industry standard 360 Series. No matter the type of applicator you need, the 360a Series is extremely versatile with the ability to configure the label applicator as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator. The design of the applicator is ambidextrous, allowing you to quickly and easily switch hands with little to no change.

360a Series Applicator

3600a-PA Series Label Printer Applicator

Need a versatile solution for your business? The 3600a-PA Series print and apply labeler allows for labels up to 7.1 inches wide and print DPI resolutions of 205, 305 and 600. Each 3600a-PA is equipped with a user-friendly display interface for quick and easy set up.
3600a-PA-Brochure-label printer applicator

3600a-PA Series Corner Wrap Printer Applicator

This configured 3600-a-PA print and apply label applicator takes the standard 3600a-PA Series model and adjusts the labeler swing arm to allow corner wrapping on various packages such as cartons and cases.

CTM Labeling Systems is the industry leader in providing high-quality, durable print and apply labeling solutions. Backed by excellent customer support, each applicator is guaranteed to satisfy.


3600a Series Top Bottom Split Conveyor Labeling System

For those businesses with products that require label application on its top and bottom simultaneously, CTM has designed the 360a Top Bottom Split Conveyer label applicator. The unit comes equipped with user-friendly features and configurable options that make the applicator one of the most innovative machines on the market today.

top bottom split

3600a Series Wrap System (WR)

For those that are just starting their business, the 360a Wrap System from CTM Labeling Systems is an excellent option. The 360a WR is fully capable of handling low volume conveyors, making them perfect for entry-level business.

series wrap

Upgrade your label application in three simple steps:



We’ll explore your production needs and questions while you get a better understanding of our approach to partnership and support.


Together we’ll customize a plan that ensures you always have the labels you need, when you need them.



与一个强大的和有效的beling solution in place and dedicated hands-on support, you can take your business to the next level.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel with a reliable and efficient labeling solution in place.