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Package and Product Coding
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With industrial packaging — you need all your coding to be clear and legible. That’s why at Advantage Label, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best package and product coding available. So you can identify, track and deliver your packages on time, every time!

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Every product code is a digital fingerprint. That means every minute detail needs to be printed with laser-like precision. Large or small, Advantage Label delivers. Our continuous inkjet coding equipment allows you to print medicine bottles, lot codes, expiration dates and everything in between.
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Sealtronic - our secret weapon against downtime.

The problem with continuous inkjet printing is that the ink has to dry fast. So any pause in production often results in dried ink and blocked nozzles.

Not with Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic technology. When production stops, the nozzle retracts, closing the ink loop and preventing it from drying out. To start again, the nozzle extends out again and carries on printing – without the need for cleaning or rinsing cycles. After all, why clean something that doesn’t get dirty?

Since there is no cleaning cycle necessary, you don’t need additional cleaning solvent – which is good for the safety of your staff and the planet. There is no impact on the viscosity of the ink or the quality of the first few prints either. Instantly reliable print quality without spitting or splashing.

In short, Sealtronic removes the cleaning problem altogether so you enjoy faster start-up, greater productivity, lower costs and more consistent print quality.

With Sealtronic your production line is ready when you are.

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Case Coding Printers

World Class Printing Systems for Real World Applications

乌贼墨专营manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high quality industrial inkjet inks for the packaging industry. Our products and services are designed to provide reliable cost-effective solutions to your industrial applications. Squid Ink has relied on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the inkjet industry to design a full family of Large Character and Hi-Resolution printing systems. Additionally, Squid Ink has been able to formulate the most comprehensive line of Hi-Resolution, Piezo, and Large Character fluids in the product identification market today.

Pre-printed boxes are too much hassle and cost too much money. Print barcodes, dates or logos on site and at a tenth of the cost with our suite of Squid Ink equipment. Whether you’re printing on a cardboard box or on porous material, make sure your data is clean and clear every time.

DOD Large Character

  • SQ/2
  • SQ/2 Scorpion
  • Vector XII


  • CoPilot-Max
  • CoPilot 500
  • CoPilot
  • SQ Laser
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The Viper Thermal Inkjet Printer

Squid Ink’s Viper™ thermal inkjet printer utilizes revolutionary Funai® technology to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on [orous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 0.5″ (12.7mm) of print height per printhead, the Viper offers a veratile, yet cost-effective solution for your coding and marking applications.

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Upgrade your package and product coding in three simple steps:



We’ll explore your production needs and questions while you get a better understanding of our partnership and support.



A custom plan ensures you always have the package and product coding you need, when you need it.


With a powerful coding and marking solution in place, you can take your business to the next level.

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